ndustry 4.0: Connected Automation Starts Now

  • Connecting industry to the real potential for the Smart Factory

    The power of Industry 4.0 is now becoming real – and Bosch Rexroth is uniquely prepared to help machine builders and manufacturers make the vision of the Smart Factory into reality today.

    Bosch Rexroth is driving the next industrial revolution as both a lead operator and lead supplier of Industry 4.0 solutions. With a huge automation portfolio and an abundance of production experience from our own plants worldwide, we can offer leading automation and manufacturing solutions – from single-piece to high-volume production.

    Connected automation in manufacturing leads to a faster and more flexible production process, greater efficiency of material, and reduction of complexity and downtime.


    We’re ready to help you drive the development of smart industry solutions. Contact us with your questions and challenges today. 

    Industry 4.0: Our experience is your benefit

    As a pioneer of Industry 4.0 solutions, we are exploring the capabilities of connected production systems in our own plants and with those of the Bosch Group in numerous pilot smart manufacturing projects, where current Bosch Rexroth drive and control technologies are used. 

    Our manufacturing engineers are testing our products and solutions in a daily environment from a user perspective. We incorporate their insights directly into our development specifications. 

    The result: an industry-leading portfolio of automation products and services engineered to move Industry 4.0 from a concept to reality. Together with our extensive industry and application know-how, we can help you integrate Industry 4.0 into your production and manufacturing systems.

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    Connected Automation. Industry 4.0 now – Our Microsite

    Openness is key

    As Industry 4.0 moves from potential to reality, it’s clear that no single company or organization can do it alone. Industry 4.0 solutions are highly dependent on connectivity – technically as well as organizationally within the entire value creation process connecting suppliers and manufacturers.

    Open standards are crucial. Industry 4.0 marks the “beginning of the end” for proprietary interfaces. Bosch Rexroth has strongly supported international standards. Industry 4.0 also breaks the wall of existing technology boundaries – and one of the strongest examples is Bosch Rexroth’s Open Core Engineering , which is building the bridge between automation and IT.

    Only with open cooperation and the exchange of ideas and solution approaches will Industry 4.0 concepts find their way to/into practical solutions. That is why Bosch Rexroth is collaborating with research organizations, OEMs, manufacturers, and others. 

    At the same time, we are also working with leading IT partners for cutting-edge solutions like Open Core Engineering. This will enable our partners and customers to work with their preferred development environment and programming languages from the IT world to maximize the efficiency and versatility of automation development.

    source: Rexroth