'2017 Taicang Day’ runs n’ flourishes in Germany

  • Taicang recently held its tenth "Taicang Day" event in Dusseldorf, Germany, capital of North Rhein Westfalen, and signed an agreement to be a sister city of Jülich, Germany.

    During the meeting, a number of private enterprises from Taicang sought further exchanges and cooperation with the German technological sector and discussed transactions with about 130 German trade representatives and merchants. Major leaders including Taicang mayor Wang Jianguo and Sabine Dietlmeier, general manager of AHK Greater China (German office), were present at the event. Some Chinese and German developers and producers in the intelligent, automatic and carbon materials technologies industries reached agreements then and there.

    '2017 Taicang Day’ runs n’ flourishes in Germany

    Important attendees and speechmakers includ Wang Jianguo, deputy Party secretary and mayor of Taicang; Feng Haiyang, Chinese Consul General in Dusseldorf; Sabine Dietlmeier, general manager of AHK Greater China (German office), which is part of the German Chambers of Commerce Worldwide Network (AHK); Hertbert Jakoby, head of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of North Rhein Westfalen; and Dr. Gerhard Eschenbaum, vice president of IHK in Dusseldorf. [Photo from WeChat: taicangdaily]

    Wang introduced the city's most recent pilot project of creating a pioneering zone to promote mutual cooperation in advanced manufacturing, sci-tech, research and development, and talents training industries. The zone, Wang highlighted, is intended to pioneer performance of the "Made in China 2025" and "German Industry 4.0" proposals, and facilitate the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (B&R) initiatives as well as the Yangtze River Economic Zone. 

    Feng Haiyang, Chinese Consul General in Dusseldorf, spoke highly of German entrepreneurs, saying that they are down-to-earth and insightful in attaching great importance to both facilities and future prospects. Feng emphasized that Taicang was striving hard to become a well-developed and promising center for investment.

    Dietlmeier praised Taicang as a great partner of Germany's with quite favorable conditions for investment. Taicang conducts business in a way similar to Germany, as she put it. Dietlmeier said Germany considers Taicang an important partner and looks forward to expanding cooperation.

    At the event, Wang and Jülich's mayor Axel Fuchs signed a document twinning the cities and promising cooperation on business transactions, R&D, culture, and education.

    '2017 Taicang Day’ runs n’ flourishes in Germany

    Wang Jianguo (left) and Jülich's mayor Axel Fuchs (right) sign a document creating twin city status between Taicang and Jülich. 

    Jülich is a historical city bordering the Netherlands and Belgium with a history spanning more than 2,000 years. Its R&D and educational sectors are well-established and developed. The globally prestigious Research Center Jülich, which focuses on research into the structure of materials, energy, information, and the environment is the largest of its kind in Europe. 

    Relations between Taicang and Germany are long established and prospering. Germany has launched and funded more than 260 projects in Taicang, making the city a home to German businesses in China. And the "Taicang Day" campaign the city started in 2008 to promote Taicang in Germany has played a critical role in fostering business ties.

    '2017 Taicang Day’ runs n’ flourishes in Germany

    The German presence in Taicang is Germany's third largest in China after Beijing and Shanghai and the eighth largest in the world outside of Germany itself. 

    This was Taicang's second chance to have this event in Dusseldorf, the first being in 2010. Dusseldorf, neighboring the famous Ruhr Area, is the capital of North Rhein Westfalen, Germany. It is Europe's logistics hub and a global business and finance center renowned for its fashion, advertising, and trade fairs, as well as its academy of fine arts.

    '2017 Taicang Day’ runs n’ flourishes in Germany

    An aerial view of Dusseldorf.

    resorce: China daily