How do Chinese companies transform their industry?

  • A wave of technology as the core, known as the fourth industrial revolution, is sweeping China.

    This revolution has a direct impact on the region, the state, society, groups, enterprises and individuals.

    It not only brings passion and hope to people, but also brings people impetuous and uneasy.

    In recent years, GUTEK ,together with the leading German industry 4 consulting institutions or industrial technology suppliers, the domestic hundreds of manufacturing enterprises were visited and found the following phenomena: 4:

    Some companies do intelligent factory do not know why to do so, always feel that others do a little uneasy.

    Some enterprises treat industry 4.0 as a life-saving straw, want to let the miracle occur through the industry 4.0.

    Some enterprises attach too much importance to industrial 4 technology, while ignoring the product quality and product performance of the essential attributes.

    Some companies want to implement too many technologies such as automation and information technology simultaneously.

    Some companies implement automation, without a fundamental base of lean management.

    Although some companies have all the elements of the smart factory, but these elements are not organically combined, not to mention collaborative work.

    Some companies have been plagued by a variety of so called industry 4.0 solutions from different suppliers, I do not know which is good, I do not know how to start.

    I personally think, without an understanding of the core essence of German industry 4.0, it is not possible to grasp the opportunity from the strategic level. Without a systematic thinking of industrial 4, it will not be able to effectively enhance the enterprise's overall performance index. Without the craftsman spirit of sustainable development, it is not possible to understand the long term benefit of industry 4.0 for its self optimization characteristics.

    So what is the German industry 4, it can bring us what value?

    There are many versions of industry 4. Germany is so defined:

    Industry 4 is the representative of the fourth industrial revolution, marking the level of organization and control of all activities in the value chain of the product life cycle has reached a new stage.

    Product life cycle is to increase the customer's individual needs as the guide, covering the R & D and production order, product distribution and recycling, and after-sales service.

    Industry 4 is based on the real time data generated by all the objects in the value chain and the ability to further optimize the value chain from these data.

    The interaction of people, objects, and systems leads to a dynamic, real-time, self - organizing, value - creating system that can be self - optimized and optimized based on cost and available resources.

    Simply say: Industry 4.0 is to meet the individual customer needs by combining automation and information technologies, without increasing the production cost, affecting the quality of products, extending the delivery time, while production scale be also guaranteed.

    In a word, such a smart factory:

    can achieve large-scale customization!

    can process different products!!

    Can fulfill one piece order!!!

    Today, all the German car manufacturers have achieved personalized customization. Take BMW as an example: almost every car is different from other cars.

    How to achieve industry 4.0?

    Industry 4.0 as a vision is a systems engineering and a long lasting process. To be successful, the manager’s thought needs to be transformed, employee skills need to be improved, technologies and machines need to be upgraded, management styles and methods need to be changed.

    Germany, as one of the world's manufacturing power, provides an example for China to achieve 2025.

    In the process of transforming China from a giant manufacturing country to a powerful one in China, one should not only learn from Germany the "wisdom" (Technology), but also its "de" (human) and its "shape" (craftsman).

    In the past few years, as one of the leading service providers in the area of industry 4.0, GUTEK, together with its Chinese and German partners have helped hundreds of Chinese customers in the industrial transformation and made remarkable achievements. We will, as always, make greater contributions to the path of China's 2025 grand blueprint.

    We thank all the customers and partners for the great cooperation and welcome new customers and partners to work together and win together.